Pizzeria Stella

If you don’t already know, then we really should tell you- Pizzeria Stella is some of our favorite Neapolitan style pizza in Philadelphia. Starr Restaurants created the restaurant with café windows that look onto Headhouse Square’s cobblestone streets add to the unpretentious warmth of this cozy neighborhood spot. With both indoor and outdoor seating available on a first-come first-served basis. Pizzeria Stella’s interior blends industrial elements of concrete floors and steel beams with Italian accents such as wood paneling, postcards of Pisa and Chianti bottles lining the walls.

The centerpiece of it all being the open wood-burning hearth, covered mosaic style with red and white tiles, where the signature artisan and decadent Neapolitan 12-inch pizza pies. Pastas are also made fresh in-house daily. Overhead large ceiling fans hang above the dining room which seats 75. Its filled with slate-top tables and also large family-style tables made of reclaimed wood from the Coney Island boardwalk.

We stopped in for a pizza party and kicked off the night with a Sicilian Sazerac made with dewars, averna amaro, anisette rinse, bitters. Pizzeria Stella’s small but creative wine list features an array of affordable, pizza-friendly Italian varietals available by the glass and by the bottle. Additional beverages include a selection of beers and non-alcoholic specialty sodas such as Kutztown Sarsparilla, Kutztown Red Cream, and House-made Lemonade.

For the Antipasti we sampled the Arancini which is a traditional Italian dish making risotto balls which are fried and filled with cheese, vegetables or meat. These were topped with fresh shredded Parmesan and sitting in a pool of delicious marinara sauce. A simple, classic, and amazing way to start your meal. We also loved the light flavors in the Grilled Octopus. This dish is great for summer with fingerling potatoes, and shaved fennel in a salsa verde. We also couldn’t resist the Polpette wood-roasted meatballs and some Pomodoro spaghetti with tomato and fresh basil.

For the pizzas, we would’ve loved to try them all if our stomachs would allow. But we settled on the spicy ‘Nduja pie with calabrian sausage, crushed red pepper, and smoked mozzarella. The classic Margherita made with san marzano tomatoes, basil, and buffalo mozzarella. The newest addition to the menu with bright flavor is the Zucchine topped with shredded zucchini, lemon ricotta cheese, mint, black pepper, and pecorino. We enjoyed each, but the stand out for us was the Tartufo with black truffle, egg, and fontina cheese. The egg is cooked perfectly on the pie so that the yolk is still runny and the server brought it over and very much entertained us as he broke the yolk and gingerly distributed all over the pizza with a spoon. Now that’s a pizza you won’t soon forget.

And what better way to finish off the night than with some Homemade Gelato and Biscotti. So the next time you’re craving some crispy hot fresh pizza you should really consider stopping by. We’ll see you then!

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