Simply Good Jars

We’ve got the scoop on the new Simply Good Jars created by Jared Cannon. After Thanksgiving’s gluttony these jars are perfect for getting back on track with your diet. The business is focusing on expanding the everyday consumer’s access to healthy (yet crave-able) food options. Unlike other food delivery services, their goal is for their products to yield zero waste of packaging or food. The core of the company’s mission is social and environmental responsibility. Simply Good Jars give you the option of recycling, reusing, re-purposing, and if you return them, the company will donate one-fresh meal to help combat local hunger!

For now they’re offering online delivery and to deliver fresh, nutritionally-balanced meals made from the best locally grown ingredients! The hopes is for the future, as our company grows, to use specially designed refrigerated vending machines to provide even more convenience!

We sampled some jars from the salads portion of the menu, including:

  • Simply Vegan: This vegan and gluten free jar has approximately 350 calories. It’s layered with baby kale, crispy tofu, raw corn and zucchini, red jersey apples, onion and sweet peppers finished with crunchy oat sticks and a roasted-garlic tahini dressing.
  • Simply Pesto: This vegetarian jar has approximately 620 calories. Filled with whole wheat orzo pasta tossed in basil pesto along with with baby mozzarella, sweet cherry tomatoes, fresh peas, roasted red pepper confit and mixed baby greens.
  • Simply Salmon: This pescatarian jar has approximately 585 calories. This one has got baby arugula, hot-smoked salmon, cucumber, radish, fennel, scallions, feta cheese, whole wheat Israeli cous cous, and aji-lemon vinaigrette.

They’ve also got a menu section titled “Anti-Salads” and snacks for when you’re not in the mood for a salad- they are lunch sized entrees. We got to try the:

  • Chia Pudding: A sweet vegan delight with almond milk chia pudding with medjool dates, blue agave and vanilla bean topped with pureed mango.
  • Curried Garbanzos: This vegan jar was our favorite! It’s got a garbanzo bean curry with sweet carrots, spinach, crushed cashews and toasted coconut served ontop of roasted garlic-coconut couscous
  • Greek oats: This vegetarian jar is perfect for getting your morning started. It comes with Greek Yogurt Soaked Oats, wheat germ, wheat bran, raisins, apples, sunflower seeds, walnuts with almond milk, keifer, strawberries, kiwi and honey granola.

All Jars are made the day they are delivered. The salads are guaranteed to remain fresh for 4 days. The “Anti-Salads” are guaranteed to remain fresh for 5 days. Use code PMT2017 for free delivery! A one-time $10 start-up fee applies to all new subscription accounts. Currently delivery is a flat $5 fee with a minimum order of $30 to deliver.

All web orders will be delivered on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 5 – 8 pm. Purchaser must be home to accept delivery. Please contact if you require a different delivery time

About the Founder

Jared Cannon attended the Culinary Institute of America of New York in 2004. Upon graduation Jared transitioned to Florida International University in Miami to continue his journey in hospitality management, finishing his education at Temple University top rated Fox School of Business Masters of Innovation and Entrepreneurship program.

Notably, Jared has lead kitchens and teams with companies such as Iron hill Brewery and Restaurant, The Ritz Carlton hotels, FS food Group, honeygrow and Tria. In forming Simply Good Jars, Jared took a risk leaving the Chef world; however his confidence continues in his mission to deliver healthy meals in an environmentally friendly manner knowing well, that the company mission may lead to something big!!!


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