Yiro Yiro

Philadelphian’s had been reduced to fulfilling their hunger for fast Greek cuisine with food carts and sub-par takeout, this tragedy- a gyro problem of epic proportions. Recognizing the dire need for a hero to rescue the reputation of Greek cuisine, a couple of Greek boys decided to share the tastes and flavors of their heritage with their hometown of Philly. That’s exactly what you’ll from Yiro Yiro when you visit them in Roxborough – a passion for authentic, fresh Mediterranean fare and a devotion to the community they serve.

“It always bothered me that gyro sandwiches in Philadelphia never tasted like the ones my brother and I ate as kids,” said Chris Avgiris, owner of Yiro Yiro.  “Different areas of Greece offer different varieties of gyro, so depending on where you’re from, the taste will be unique,” adds Sav Bouikidis.

Chris, Sav, and the rest of the Yiro Yiro crew used to spend long nights arguing about the “right” toppings for the sandwich.  Finally, they agreed to offer them all, so that patrons can customize and create their own unique taste. Everything about Yiro Yiro is fresh.  From the name, which means “‘round and ‘round,” a nod to their rotisserie style of cooking; to the simple, innovative menu; to the modern interior; to the feeling you get when you visit.

Their signature menu item is, without a doubt, the Gyro.  Available as in a pita or on a plate, the sandwich starts with the meat (chicken, pork, or lamb and beef), slow roasted in authentic Greek spices on a cone-shaped rotisserie, and finishes by being carefully sliced into generous portions.  Your custom gyro will come equipped with all the delicious toppings of your choice (tomatoes, red onions and even french fries!), topped with your choice of homemade sauce (Fresko sauce, tzatziki, spicy tzatiki, hummus, spicy feta or even ketchup/mustard), wrapped inside a fluffy pita for a hearty meal that pays tribute to Yiro Yiro’s Greek roots. Platters come with a side of french fries, rice pilaf, and domaldes (stuffed grape leaves).


Customers can also choose from Skewers with tender cuts of grilled chicken or pork served with sliced lemon, a side of pita, and tzatziki. Health-conscious diners will love The Villager salad, this authentic Greek salad is loaded up with grape tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, cubanelle peppers, Kalamata olives, a massive chunk of feta cheese, oregano and housemade vinaigrette. Beautiful swirls of homemade Spanakopita, phyllo pastry filled with spinach, feta cheese, scallions, and Greek seasonings, are also available. For dessert a fun Greek yogurt bar, fried sweet puffs called “Loukoumades” served with honey syrup and cinnamon (plus you can add crushed walnuts or Nutella®!), and flaky homemade Baklava.

Though this is Chris Avgiris’ first venture into authentic, quality dining, his friends the Bouikidis brothers transformed Zesto Pizza & Grill into the local landmark it is today. Yiro Yiro will cater to young professionals, families, and college students looking for a healthy, quick, and fulfilling alternative to the same old dining options.  Fresh take-home items will also be available and plans for a catering menu are in the works. Yiro Yiro at 6024 Ridge Ave. in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia will be open for both lunch and dinner every day from 11am to 10pm.


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