Milkboy South Street Brunch

Where can you go for local music and great food? One of our top spots is  MilkBoy South Street. Executive Chef Chris Beyer has crafted an all-new brunch menu for MilkBoy’s iconic South Street location, available every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am – 3 pmThe menu offers classic breakfast foods, spins on old favorites and two signature brunch cocktails. Every Monday, Late Night Industry Brunch features live jazz music and serves brunch from 9:30 pm until close featuring Cecilia Ferneborg from 6:30 to 10 pm.

Sit back and enjoy yourself with one of the new brunch cocktails which are both fruity and flavorful. The Back and Forth Street is a mix of chai, pear, coconut rum and pineapple cider and the South Philly Slide is an update to the Screwdriver, with orange vodka, mint, orange juice and blood orange cider.

While you’re enjoying a drink, skim over the new menu where MilkBoy South Street’s brunch lineup plays on the balance of sweet and savory. The Huevo Benedicto, a Spanish play on Eggs Benedict, is served with Magdalenas, chorizo, red eye sabayon and seasonal gala apples. This dish is almost too pretty to eat, but we’re sure that won’t stop you. The Fried Chicken and Pancakes is a fun play on your traditional Chicken and Waffles. This new pairing features crispy chicken thighs on top of pillowy corn meal pancakes and honey butter. We also loved the stick-to-your-ribs Biscuit & Gravy with a hearty homemade buttermilk sage biscuit, brisket gravy and tangy brandied cherry jam.

“We wanted to refresh our brunch menu with some delicious hearty favorites,” said Chef Beyer. “Then we wanted to give Philadelphia’s hard-working service industry folks an opportunity to come together and enjoy late-night brunch every Monday night with some live music.”

Classic plates like French Toast with seasonal offering, have the option to add a scoop of house-made ice cream with unique flavors like Captain Crunch, Reeses Pieces, etc. Another favorite of customers is the massive Breakfast Burrito filled with scrambled eggs, potato, jack cheese, pico de gallo, and refried beans. There is also an option to add chorizo, bacon, pulled chicken, mojo pork, or apple wood smoked ham. The B.E.L.T is a breakfast twist on the original with a sunny side-up egg and chili mayo.

And we all know that New Years is right around the corner, so why not try something healthy and delicious? The Fall Salad with kale, romaine hearts, anjou pears, candied pistachios, maple roasted butternut squash, and herb vinaigrette  is one of the best salads we have ever had.

And Milkboy South Street also has a lot of gluten free options on their menu including the Buffalo Fries topped off with slow roasted chicken thighs, tossed in buffalo sauce and sprinkled with crumbled blue cheese and chopped celery for a little extra crunch. The Fried Brussels Sprouts are also a game changer, made with pineapple-sriracha bbq rub and served with sweet and sour sauce for dipping. The chef’s selection of Dumplings also varies in filling, but are sure to be a delightful little bite when we’re having a drink and just need a little something to nibble on.

MilkBoy is a Philadelphia-born brand, the original bar/venue/restaurant location is at 11th. MilkBoy South Street, opened in 2016 at the corner of 4th and South Streets giving new life to a legendary corner and bringing live music back to South Street. MilkBoy ArtHouse is the latest incarnation of the MilkBoy brand, recently opened in partnership with The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland. Additionally, MilkBoy the Studio dates back to 1994; MilkBoy Entertainment is an incubator for the production of film, TV and video, co-produced the recent feature-length film Slow Learners; while Shake Audio Post at MilkBoy is the place to sweeten and polish a film, video, broadcast commercial, or digital campaign with the latest in audio production facilities.


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