Metropolitan Bakery

It was 25 years ago that Metropolitan Bakery first opened at the corner of 19th Street on Rittenhouse Square. Known for their high quality ingredients and amazing bread, Metro has recently installed a giant stone pizza oven for their latest endeavor. Co-owners Wendy Smith Born and James Barrett, jumping into pizza making makes a lot of sense when Metro has been focused on perfecting dough. The revolving deck pizza oven was imported from Bergamo, Italy.

“Doing pizza was on our original business plan,” Barrett said, explaining that the pair had been looking to launch a separate pizzeria for some time, but were unable to find a suitable space. “People always want pizza. It’s in the top three comfort foods, right? There’s always room for more.”

The team spent six months testing out their dough recipe made from a mix of classic Italian bread flour, Pennsylvania rye and a heritage wheat called Redeemer. (At least that’s what it’s made of now) During its 10-minute bake, it crisps up with a slight char, but never becomes too crackery or too chewy.

This special pizza from Metro combines all the elements of Neapolitan, Roman and New York pies. They’ve also got a thick roasted tomato sauce with garlic and herbs that takes 5 hours to complete. Don’t forget the fresh mozarella cheese on top. If you’re a pepperoni fan they’re using three different types and when it comes to mushrooms you’ll have a half dozen varieties scattered on your pie along with garlic crema, sprigs of thyme and four kinds of cheese.

As of now, Metro is offering six options are listed on the new pizza menu, priced $15 to $17 for a 12-inch pie (definitely enough to satisfy your appetite or easy to share). Personally we loved the rich flavors of the Farm Egg Pizza which is sure to be your next favorite brunch pie loaded with garlic crema, carmelized onion, yukon gold potatoes, fontina, mozzarella, guanciale and more cheese. The Mushroom Pizza was definitely a close second for us.

Stop by from 11 am to close to check out these pies, Tuesday through Sunday and for delivery via Caviar.


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