Woodrow’s Sandwich

Woodrow’s is everything you want in your neighborhood sandwich shop. Owner Kevin Kramer opened up shop only a month ago, but he is already serving up some serious quality sandwiches that are as “mind-blowing” as they claim.

Woodrow’s is located at 630 South Street, the former location of Hot Diggity. Everything but the cheese is made from scratch, in-house, and you’ll taste that quality in every bite. Don’t miss the house cut french fries, served standing at attention in a paper cup. These great sandwiches won’t break the bank either, each priced $7-10.50. Fries are only $3.75 and $1 for chips!

I absolutely loved the Basil-Caper Chicken Sandwich with roasted tomatoes and lemon aioli on brioche. You’ll find a nice variety on the menu of your favorite sandwiches with a fun little twist and they taste better than you’ve ever known.

Short Rib

There’s a nice traditional Roast Pork sandwich. For cheese lovers there is the Parmesan and herb-crusted Grilled Cheese with Tallegio, Pear, and option to add prosciutto. You can never go wrong with Beef-Veal-Pork Meatballs on a sandwich. Try the Short Rib with horseradish BBQ and cheddar, Cajun Mahi with mango puree, or the Not Just Breakfast with a pretzel croissant, eggs, mustard, chive cream cheese, and bacon or prosciutto… you really you can’t go wrong with anything on this menu.

Cajun Mahi
Basil-Caper Chicken

If you’re like me and can’t decide on just one… order 3! Or maybe just close your eyes and point somewhere on the menu. Or ask the owner, he’s there working the front counter, and can surely give you some incite to what is your best fit. Check out the specials board for daily creations, and be sure to keep an eye out for a potential brunch menu and dessert.



I’d like to thank Kevin Kramer for his hospitality and for hosting me at his delicious sandwich shop.


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