Agno Grill

After starting Pure Fare, Kriti Seghal opened another concept- Agno Grill in 2013. Inspired by the beauty of its culture and the timelessness of its food, Agno (ΑΓΝΟ), meaning “pure” in Greek, is a fresh new approach to Mediterranean cuisine. Rooted in the traditions that have lasted for thousands of years, but inspired by modern flavors, processes and ingredients, we strive to make delicious, healthy Mediterranean cuisine that satisfies both the mind and the body.

Like Pure Fare, all dishes served at Agno Grill are made form scratch in house and 100% gluten-free. Agno Grill’s menu is crafted to maximize nutritional value and features certified organic protein options from local supplies like chicken from Senat Poultry in Lancaster, PA; steak from Green Meadow Farm in Gap, PA; and lamb from Border Springs Farm in Border Springs, VA. They are all prepped, marinated, and grilled in house daily.

House favorites on the menu include Mediterranean Chicken Combo with spinach, grilled chiekcn, kalamata olives, marinated artichokes, cucumber tomato saald, feta cheese, and tzatsiki. We tried out the Hearty Braised Beef Bowl with black rice, braised beef, roasted cauliflower, minted carrots, sauteed greens, and spicy harissa sauce. Its also important to note that Agno Grill offers baked falafel instead of fried, making it much healthier. We liked the Salmon Salad with spinach, salmon, artichokes, cucumber tomato, beets, and lemon oregano sauce. There is also a Lamb Bowl with black rice, lamb meatballs, sauteed greens, feta, roasted cauliflower, and tomato cumin sauce. They also offer a seasonal soup: Tomato Parmesan soup and snacks: Pita chips & hummus or fruit salad.

Go custom with the menu by choosing a base! Options include baby spinach, black rice, or wrap. Next you may add a protein for an additional charge. Choices for proteins include chicken, grilled steak, lamb meatballs, baked falafel, grilled veggies, or salmon. Next is 3 toppings with options like pickled beets, minted carrots, roasted cauliflower, quinoa tabouli, cucumber tomato salad, chickpea salad, sauteed greens, or red cabbage.  Last is picking a sauce to top it all off! There is Spicy Harissa, Hummus, Tzatziki, Tomato Cumin, Lemon Oregano, or Lemon Tahini. 

Enjoy gluten-free cookies, bars, or pudding for dessert and you’ll be totally satisfied. Delivery is available via Caviar and UberEATS. There is also lunch options from Agno Grill available on MealPal. We have to say that out of all Kriti’s concept, Agno Grill is by far our favorite. Its almost like a healthy Mediterranean version of Chipotle. We couldn’t find one thing on the menu we didn’t like and the ability to customize makes for endless options- plus black rice is so in hot right now!



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