Batter Sweet Bakery

Take a break from cooking this Sunday and treat yourself to something sweet. We’ve got the story behind Batter Sweet Bakery an online dessert boutique that caters to the adventurous palate offering nostalgic treats with creative modern flare. They specialize in small batch quality with larger than life flavors, made with the highest quality ingredients.
Since they’re an online dessert shop, all orders are available for nationwide shipping. Executive Chef and Owner Christopher Foxworth is a Cleveland native who gained appreciation for fine foods and flavors early in life. He attended Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte, North Carolina where he honed and polished his craft. Today this savory turned sweet chef can be found creating delicious scratch made desserts all available at
The decision to begin the bakery came out of client request through Christopher’s catering service, clients would often mention they needed desserts or cakes and pastries and would ask playfully, “Do you bake?” After a while the dessert requests began to pour in and clients inquiring if  I’d be opening a bakery, so he did! Christopher grew up in a family of amazing cooks that owned a bar & grill and a deli, so food was always very central in his everyday life.  Although it wasn’t until high school that he knew he wanted to be a chef.
The name Batter Sweet came about one very early morning when he called his mom while he was on the highway making a supply run and told her he needed a name and they began this brainstorm session. They make everything from celebration cakes, cupcakes, brownies, donuts, dessert bars, cookie sandwiches, jarred desserts, and new Donut Bars!


Some of the unique celebration cakes include:

Brunchy Cake is classic brunch favorite, re-imagined into this sweet and salty surprise. Layers of light fluffy vanilla cake and Maple pecan buttercream, topped with crispy chicken bites drizzled in a spicy dulce de leche.

Cookies and Milk Cake is chocolate cake layered with white chocolate cream cheese and speculoos cookie buttercream finished with cookie crumbles.
Banana Cocoa Hazelnut is layers of banana chocolate chip cake wrapped in hazelnut buttercream drizzled with salted caramel

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