Better Together Baking

This week we’re highlighting Better Together Brownies baked by hand in Philadelphia. Todd and his wife Kestra have taken this classic American treat and made each flavor uniquely its own and handcrafted with ingredients chosen purposefully. They’ve created a brownie with no junk, no preservatives, no trans-fats, just pure simple ingredients. Their goal is to make these brownies with a purpose, with love, like your mom might do, heartfelt good.
Todd never planned on starting a baking company. As it turns out when you want to follow your dream sometimes it is best to not have a plan. Sitting in his cube one day buried in spreadsheets he knew it was time for change. Later that day he turned to his wife, Kestra and told her he wanted to start a baking company. It was scary yet exciting, but such as it is when you follow your dream. So they both quit their jobs in D.C. and moved to Philly.  Their mission was simple; to make classic American treats (like the brownie) and make them better, together.
Todd is the self-made baker who always enjoyed baking as a creative outlet from his financial analysis job.  People kept telling him his creations were delicious and that is when the idea of turning it into a business was born. The name of the company came from the song “Better Together” by Jake Johnson that Todd and Kestra danced to as their first dance at their wedding!
Right now they have a line of brownies with the most popular flavor is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie with half chocolate brownie and half chocolate chip cookie! Other flavors include Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Sea Salted Caramel Brownie, and Dark Chocolate Espresso. Better Together brownies are sold across the Mid-Atlantic in Whole Foods stores in PA, NJ, MD, DC, VA, OH and KY.  Their products are sold fully baked in the freezer aisle. Their brownies are frozen because they are all natural and free of any preservatives and freezing them insures a longer shelf life and we discovered that people love eating the brownies frozen as well!

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