If you haven’t tried out MealPal you are really missing out! Don’t waste $10-15 per day on a sub-par lunch. MealPal has rounded up some of the best choices in Center City to serve you lunch for less than $6 a day. This new user-friendly app offers customers in downtown Philadelphia great lunch options every weekday from over 50 of your favorite restaurants around the city like Pure Fare, CleaversMeltkraft Rittenhouse, Ai Ramen and Waffles & Wedges. The best part is, every lunch is under $6 per day! MealPal is invite-only, but Phil My Tummy readers get this exclusive link to sign up-join today at
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Use our link to sign up and then follow these 3 easy steps to get your lunch on!
STEP 1: Log on to the app or website between 5:00 pm – 9:30 am (the day before to the day of) to select your next lunch. Each restaurant in the network offers one meal per day, but you have hundreds of restaurants to choose from.
STEP 2: After you select your meal, you will select a 15 minute time-frame for when you will actually go and pick up the meal. When you go to pick up the meal, you skip the line and tell the restaurant you are there to pick up your MealPal — they may ask for your name or the confirmation email. Check out the Philly restaurant map to see all your options.
STEP 3: Repeat! You can go to the same restaurant every day if you’d like (only once per day). No tipping is required.
MealPal options do not allow for customization so that the restaurant can quickly prepare your order. MealPal will also help make suggestions for you based on your diet and preferred portion size. Unfortunately, there are no delivery options at this time (take out helps to keep the cost of lunch low). MealPal is a 30 day subscription that auto-renews. Unused meals do not rollover from cycle to cycle. Customers can select how many meals per month they would like, up to lunch everyday. Lunch is offered Monday through Friday. 
MealPal is invite-only, but Phil My Tummy readers get this exclusive link to sign up-join today at

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